Carina RønnoeCarina

I’m 26 years old and doing my master’s degree in Psychology. I’m currently writing my master thesis which is grounded in social psychology and focuses on how peer support and socially including networks contribute to recovery and empowerment. I try to be open and curious wherever I go, and in my future work as a psychologist I hope to minimise stigmatisation of people with mental illness. I feel most present when I have a day with no deadlines and have time to catch up with friends or go for a run or a long walk in nature.



Emma Hillbrandt JensenEmma

I’m 24 years old and currently on the second year of my master’s degree in Psychology. During my studies I have been very interested in psychotraumatology and times of crisis for the psyche, i.e. times in which a sense of presence in both body and mind might be compromised. I feel most present when I am climbing, hiking, knitting and relaxing with my family and friends.



Ditte AlfastsenDitte

I’m 26 years old and highly interested in social and critical psychology. I am currently writing my master thesis about the process of social exclusion and the barriers between living on the street and being a part of ‘ordinary society’. I feel most present when I forget time and place or find myself in contexts I normally would never seek out. I didn’t feel present at all when I took this selfie.



Maj Fosgrau ByrgesenMaj

I’m 25 years old and I’m on my second year of my master’s degree in Psychology. I find practically everything regarding psychology interesting, but I especially think work and organisational psychology, social psychology and stress in the modern world is exciting. I feel most present when I’m having a good time with family and friends, when I’m doing yoga or when I’m in nature. Especially when I can focus on one thing at a time and not think or worry about things in the future. I think it’s hard or maybe impossible to be present all the time but I believe it can be rewarding to practice and do more of what makes you happy.



Maja Baunbjerg MadsenMaja nyny

I’m 23 years old and this fall I’m beginning my master’s degree in Psychology. I have a special interest in Critical Psychology (especially the German-Scandinavian Critical Psychology). I think Holzkamp and the others are pretty cool! I feel most present when I’m hanging out with my friends and have nothing else to do.