Follow this simple guide on how to get here to make your travel as quick and comfortable as possible 🙂

When you get to Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup) go to the metro connected to the airport. Take the metro in the direction of ”Vanløse” and exit at the station ‘Nørreport’. When you get to the station you can either choose to walk 1.3 kilometers to the conference venue (Danish Psychology Association– Stockholmsgade, 23) or you can go by bus. If you choose to take the bus look for bus number “150S” (in direction of “Gl. Holte Øverødvej”) or 6A (in direction ‘Buddinge Station’ or ‘Emdrup Torv’) and take the bus to the bus stop “Sølvtorvet (Sølvgade)”. Walk the last 200 meters to reach your destination at the conference venue.

If you arrive by train at Copenhagen Central Station/Københavns Hovedbanegård you need to catch an S-train to Nørreport station. To get from Nørreport station to the conference venue follow the directions above.


For more details on how to get around Copenhagen by public transportation go to and type in destination and time of departure and arrival.

NB. It is quite expensive to take a taxi in Copenhagen, so we recommend public transportation. It is possible to walk between the hostel and the venue. The taxi service ‘Uber’ is illegal in Denmark.