Presence, body, and dance in therapeutic work

by Helle Winther, Karen Krog, Mette Schmidt & Marie Angelique

In this workshop you will get a theoretical and practical introduction to how body, movement and dance can act together and play an important role in therapy. The workshop contributes to the overall theme ’Presence’ in that it explores how embodied presence can alter and strengthen the connection between people. In many ways this workshop will invite you to try out different ways of expressing yourself and communicating with others compared to the form of verbal communication in which we are all used to engage.

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Nature-Based Mindfulness – a way to presence

by Dorthe Djernis, MA in Psychology, ph.D. student at the University of CopenhagenBillede

When we need to slow down and get more present, mindfulness training and nature contact are two known ways to go. In this presentation Dorthe will tell about her professional experiences with the combination of nature-based therapy and mindfulness. She will back it up with some theory, and introduce short exercises.


Epistemic humility

by Lise Liv Skovgaard, MA in PsychologyLise L 2018

To be present as a therapist/psychologist can be considered to be linked to the acceptance of the complexity of the clinical reality. An acceptance that is often considered to be knowledge that the therapist gains through many years of practice. This presentation challenges this notion by presenting epistemic humility as a possible way to practice presence in a concrete and focused way. The presentation is a combination of sharing theoretical perspectives and practical exercises. Read more about t



Computer games and online addictions

by David Madsen, MA in Psychology and founder of Dabeco (Danish treatment of computer games and online addiction)

David Madsen

Being ”online” seems to be an unavoidable part of life, and for some this may result in gaming/online addiction. In this presentation David Madsen will tell us about plausible explanations regarding the development of addiction with a specific focus on the role of the parents. During the presentation, the participants will try out interviewing techniques focusing on people who experience excessive use of computer games and the online world.

Acro yoga

by Nina Juul & Didde-Marie Møller

In this workshop, we are going to connect to the elements of playfullness and trust! We will introduce you to the basics of the acro yoga practice which is a combination of partner acrobatics, yoga and thai-massage. Acro yoga is a practice in both non-verbally and verbally communication, listening, connection and trust. Trust within the body, trust within the community, and trust in the fact that it’s a lot of fun to do these amazing things you never thought you’d be able to do. An important information is that there are absolutely no prerequisites – everyone can participate and our main focus will be to create a caring and supportive atmosphere where it is easy to connect to your most playfull and curious inner acrobatic.