The Nordic Psychology Students conference takes place annually in one of the Nordic countries. The whole event is planned and executed by students, which gives us all a change of pace to our usual university setting. There have been 7 meetings so far, in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Estonia. We and professionals attached to the conference will all work for free, because we believe in supporting opportunities for students from different universities and countries to get together and exchange ideas and knowledge in a friendly and social atmosphere.

The countries involved are Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Finland and Iceland.


In 2017 in Tallin, Estonia, the topic was ‘The Future of Psychology’. In 2015 in Turku, Finland, the topic was “Forensic Psychology”. In 2014 in Uppsala, Sweden, the topic was “Building an Organisation ”. In 2012 in Tartu, Estonia, the topic was “Making Psychology Matter”. In 2011 in Uppsala, Sweden, we discussed psychology on and by the Internet and the year before that, in Turku, Finland, 2009, we had a chance to glance at some more unconventional psychological practices. 

Since 2012, the NPS representatives from each country have agreed to change the name of the event from “meeting” to “conference”. This is due to the fact that we found the label conference more suiting for the event. The Nordic Psychology Students Conference consists of a meeting with workshops and presentations from researchers, practitioners and students. The goal is to facilitate discussions and exchange of views and knowledge between the participants. Therefore we believe that this entitles the event to be called a conference.


The conference has two important goals to achieve:

The first is intellectual. We aim to offer and share knowledge of psychology and its applications, and we succeed in this because all the attending countries, the represented universities and the attendees themselves are extremely varied in their fields of specialization, expertise, interests and experience. An undergraduate student interested in the psychology of the Internet, society, identity or whatever the topic of the year is, can share ideas with a PhD student specializing in clinical psychology, and they both have something to gain from that experience. Attendees can hold presentations about the state of psychological studies and work in their respective homelands. The country holding the meeting has a chance to pool the newest research by their most talented minds and deliver these fresh pieces of knowledge to everyone involved, offering new viewpoints and research ideas. Also in the intellectual sphere is the subject of psychology and policy, because many of the attendees are involved in student unions or even professional unions, and as such can share their valuable experience in making psychology seen and understood in society as a whole.

Secondly, there is the social sphere. The intense seminars and discussions during the official parts of the meeting give way to the more relaxed atmosphere in the evenings, presenting everyone with a chance to get to know the culture of the other Nordic countries that, although very similar, all have their unique traits.

Through these shared experiences and mutual interests that have been fostered during the daytime, close bonds can be established fairly quickly. These can lead to future cooperation or projects that transcend borders of more than one country.

This year’s conference will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark between the 19th and 21st of October 2018. Stay tuned!